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17 July 2008 @ 07:27 pm
Almost a year ago, inara223 and I came to the conclusion that we should work on a fanmix together. The reasons being that fanmixes are cool, and we like fanmixes, and doing things together is fun. It seemed pretty harmless at the time. For most of August, we pondered what sort of fanmix to make, until, at last, we agreed that it should definitely be Firefly and absolutely be Mal/Inara. Once we had that, we decided pretty quickly that a series of EPs, each one based upon a different potential denouement to their story as a couple, was the way to go. It was then declared that a short drabble should be added to each.

We had a plan. A good plan, we were quite sure: five outcomes, five drabbles, and five seven-track EPs. But as things are wont to do, this small undertaking got away from us.

Actually, to be accurate, it didn't get away so much as grow into a massive, massive project. Epic, you might say--referring to the size, of course. For a while, I'm not sure either of us thought we'd ever finish. There were hours spent transferring music files back forth, draft upon draft of drabble, and we hadn't even begun to talk about album art. Yet somehow, bit by bit and piece by piece, it all came together. I'm still not sure how. Probably there was a lot of caffeine involved.

There was also the tremendous, unbelievably dedicated efforts of our two Super Betas, ponderous77 and browncoat_2x2. Our tiny little drabbles exploded into fics ranging in words from 700 to 3,600, and none of them would read the way the do now without the hours they spent toiling away to help us.

And now we're thrilled to be able to finally, finally post all this stuff. To keep things organized, we created this little community to archive everything. Each denouement (EP/drabble combo) has its own post; there is also a post with all twenty-four accompanying icons and a notes post, containing some supplemental, fic-specific information and author's/mixer's notes. Additionally, we have included an index post to make browsing easier. You can find that here.

The outcomes are ordered from I to V and posted sequentially; we recommend viewing them in that order, which is, essentially, from happiest to, well, you know. Toward the end especially, some mature themes, graphic violence, and course language begin to appear. If you were in Canada, you'd be looking at a 14A type of rating (about an R in the US, most likely).

We sincerely hope you enjoy.

inara223 and lostcointoss